Knowing how to choose the right paint colors for your interior can be difficult. You’ve to pick a palette that’s in harmony with all the other aspects of your house, including your furniture, flooring, and décor.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to choose the right paint color for your interiors. These insights have been taken by our professional crew members who’ve been in the home improvement industry for years; therefore, you can only expect the best suggestions from these pros.

5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Paint Color

Here are 5 tips from our home improvement professionals to avoid major color mistakes in your house:

1. Maintain a Color Theme

Having a theme throughout your house does not mean painting the entire house in the same color. Having a theme means choosing colors that go in harmony with the rest of your house. This can be achieved by choosing a color palette with 2-3 colors that complement each other. Most people opt for neutral color palettes and use colorful furniture and fabrics to add a pop of color.

2. Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral-colored walls are popular all over the world today. Painting your interior in neutral colors allows the rest of the elements in your room to stand out. Choose neutral hues that blend with each other well and also complement your furniture and fabrics.

How to Choose the Right Paint Color

3. Always Test!

Before you decide on a particular paint, buy a couple of testers of your shortlisted colors, and test a big area of your wall with those colors. Now get away from the wall and go far enough to have a bird-eye view of the entire room to see how the color goes with the rest of your décor. Pick a color that allows the silhouettes of your furniture to stand out. The undertones should go nicely with each other.

4. Pick Minimal Sheen for Your Indoors

Paints that come in glossy finish highlight the flaws on your walls. Therefore, try to use paints with as minimal sheen as possible. A flat (matte) paint finish is a perfect choice for living rooms and bedrooms as they can easily mask the flaws. They also go perfectly on the ceilings and offer a cozy look in your house. On the other hand, high-gloss finishes are ideal for furniture and cabinets that have flawless surfaces.

5. Take Inspiration

If you love home décor, then you may have seen those dreamy home décor posts on Pinterest. These posts can be a great source of inspiration to pick the right color palette for your indoors. Every time you see a color idea that might go with your room, pin the post, and buy a tester of that color to test on your walls. Taking inspiration from the internet can help you big time.

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