Bathroom remodeling projects are one of the most highly demanded amongst all our home remodeling services. One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose to remodel a bathroom is that they are cost and time-efficient. Compared to other remodeling projects, remodeling a bathroom requires fewer resources.

However, even the relatively small-scale remodeling projects include nitty-gritty details that can make or break your property’s value. For this reason, it’s important to always schedule home remodeling with a trusted and efficient service provider.

The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re on the lookout for bathroom design ideas, we’ve got you covered. Follow our guidelines, and you’ll end up with a makeover that leads to higher returns, value, and curb appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the most critical dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling:

The Dos of Remodeling a Bathroom

When you’re conducting research for bathroom remodeling ideas, it’s always best to consider the following:

  1. The Design: You should always pick a design and have an idea of what the outcome will look like. A great app to find design inspirations for your bathroom is Pinterest. It’s always best to create a design and knows where everything will go before you start tearing down the bathroom elements.
  2. The Cost: Bathroom remodeling costs are relatively lower but don’t be mistaken; they are still pretty costly. Flooring materials and shower designs are the most expensive items you will hunt for. It’s a great idea to talk to your remodeling service provider and find alternative options that are budget-friendly. As trends change, you may need to replace these materials in the future. So, keep it as low-key as you can.
    Bathroom Lighting and Vanity
  3. The Lighting: Adding sufficient lighting to your bathroom is essential. So, don’t hold yourself back from spending on light fixtures- especially if there’s no natural lighting in your bathroom. While you can install the same kind of lighting you had before, if it didn’t work for you in the past, it’s better to look for other, more high-end options.
  4. The Storage: Adding features like a floating vanity will ensure your bathroom has sufficient space. You can also add fixtures to hang your toiletries instead of keeping them in cabinets that take up a lot of space. Think of ways you can make the bathroom design minimalistic without compromising on functionality.

The Don’ts of Remodeling a Bathroom

There are several things that you should steer clear of when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Let’s take a look at all the don’ts of remodeling a bathroom:

  1. Ignoring Trends: Bathroom remodeling is a perfect way to enhance your property’s value and attract more buyers. However, if you ignore the latest trends and demands, you may end up with low returns on your investment. So, always take a look at what’s trending.
  2. Rushing the Process: Remodeling projects can take several days or even weeks, depending on the scope of the project. It would be best if you never rushed the service provider and risk facing costly mishaps and mistakes. Leaving the job in the hands of professionals means trusting them to take all measures to ensure the process is as efficient as it can be.
  3. Buy Unreliable Materials: While you might want the most cost-efficient materials, this doesn’t mean cutting corners. Choosing materials with low durability will increase repair and maintenance costs. So, it’s always best not to compromise on quality over cost.

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